info at duprass dot com

duprass is liora belford and ido govrin

their mutual artworks have been exhibited in: tel-aviv museum of art (israel/palestine) / 'laptopia' art exhibitions series (israel/palestine) / haifa museum of art (israel/palestine) / the biennale for contemporary art (israel/palestine) / experimental intermedia festival (usa) / tal esther gallery (israel/palestine) / c-sides festival (germany/israel/palestine) / the melkweg theater (the netherlands) / barcelona film festival (catalonia/spain) / 'omanut laam' exhibition (israel/palestine) / museum for polydimensional research (usa) / 'hearat shulaim' art event (israel/palestine) / letto gallery (poland) / festival international cinéma méditerranéen (france) / art film festival (slovakia) / museum of vojvodina (serbia) / cccb (catalonia/spain) / petach tikva museum (israel/palestine) / dislocate festival (japan) / bat-yam museum for contemporary art (israel/palestine) / barbur gallery (israel/palestine) and many more…

they are also running the record label interval recordings which was established in 2004. the label publishes experimental music and curates international art by several annual events primarily the ‘laptopia’ art exhibition.