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tesseract (2007), fiction/experimental; three synchronized screens with surround sound; running time: 15'50

tesseract* tells the story of Lea, a sixty years old woman, who experienced a true turning point in her life. the film investigates and revolves around the abstract meanings of time and especially about the ‘classic’ human conditioning of time-space as it was suggested, in western culture, by physicist albert einstein. during the film the viewers encounter new visual conditionings one after the other while each time a momentarily understanding of time-space is raising.

script, director & video – liora belford
soundtrack – ido govrin, cello – karni postel
actors – rachel govrin, yossi gavrieli, yaakov gershon, rita gershon
photographers – haim asias, davida horvitz and liora belford

*‘in geometry, the tesseract is the four-dimensional analog of the (three-dimensional) cube, where motion along the fourth dimension is often a representation for bounded transformations of the cube through time. the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square; or, more formally, the tesseract can be described as a regular convex 4-polytope whose boundary consists of eight cubical cells.’ (from wikipedia)

premiered at ha’teiva, january 24th 2007 (israel/palestine); also presented at musrara gallery jerusalem may 2007 ∙ ff600 film festival ljubljana slovenia (may 2007) ∙ open eyes film festival marburg – germany (July 07) ∙ wmwff taipei – taiwan (october 2007) ∙ flash flood festival tuscon az – usa (august 2007) ∙ cinefiesta - puerto rico international short film festival caguas, puerto rico ∙ big screen festival kunming, china ∙ les inattendus - festival de films (très) independents lyon, france

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archive (2007), experimental; projection on white painted wooden cubes with stereo sound; running time: 25'00

archive is an experimental film-performance combining several forms of new media into one; dance, video art and computer music. archive tells the story of an elderly woman reflecting on herself, on the aging process and on life's complexity in general while raising personal repressed memories and thoughts about her long ongoing relations to her man. archive integrates in its creation fiction and reality, existential moments and dreams, in order to examine the way reality is kept in one's archive. archive is a unique performance introducing a dialog between the film and its dramatic dance continuation using several techniques which transfers the projected image/film from the front screening surface into the stage's space and by doing that makes it a 3d experience rather than the usual 2d view. the idea in the creation of archive was based on early essays by philosopher/cultural critic boris groys and the timeless film work ‘le'at yoter’ by israeli film maker abraham hefner.

director, script and video programming – liora belford
composition and sound design – ido govrin
choreography and dance – tali zavilevich, ilena abramovich

premiered at laptopia#2 experimental art event, june 5th 2006 (israel/palestine); also presented at musrara mix festival (june 2006) ∙ suzan dlal theater (august 2006)

video documentation